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Education is the key to a successful and profitable practice—a practice that is well-prepared to deliver the best in patient care. With the exciting recent developments in the long-standing partnership between PCA SKIN® and Catherine Hinds, we want to partner with you to enhance your staff's knowledge and build your business.

We are now offering you an opportunity to attend our Skin Biology & Chemical Peel Seminar at a reduced rate of $125 through December 31, 2011. This one-day seminar gives skin health professionals a solid understanding of skin biology, the effective treatment of common skin conditions and the safe and effective application of superficial chemical peels. Upon successful completion of this course, you will achieve PCA SKIN Certification* (if you are not yet certified, attendance of the Skin Biology & Chemical Peel Seminar is necessary prior to purchasing PCA SKIN Professional Treatments).

If you are already a Certified Professional, consider attending one of our advanced or hands–on seminars to take your professional knowledge to the next level. Each PCA SKIN seminar focuses on a unique aspect of the skin health industry, so you can decide what will best suit your practice's needs.

To maximize profit potential, all seminar fees either include a product kit to be used during in–office treatments, or are applied as a product credit on your PCA SKIN account. Additionally, if you register for any two seminars, you will receive a 15% discount. You can take advantage of these opportunities at the Catherine Hinds campus, in your office or at another location near you.

We're thrilled that you are part of the PCA family. We look forward to working closely with you to improve people's lives, while building your practice and growing your career.
* Upon successful completion of this seminar, you will be required to take and pass the PCA SKIN Certification Exam in order to receive your certificate and re-certification for two years. Seminar fee becomes a product credit on your PCA SKIN account.
To register for a course, or for more information, please call our Practice Development Group at
877.PCA.SKIN [722.7546].

Courses currently available near you include:
Boston / Woburn:
10.09.11 Skin Biology & Chemical Peel
10.16.11 Skin Biology & Chemical Peel
10.17.11 Peel Fundamentals
10.23.11 Skin Biology & Chemical Peel
11.06.11 Advanced Peeling Techniques
12.04.11 Advanced Treatment Technologies

11.13.11 Skin Biology & Chemical Peel
11.14.11 Peel Fundamentals
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