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Healthy skin truly is the ultimate goal for all patients. The newly reformulated C-Quench® antioxidant serum delivers the best in synergistic antioxidant benefits with lilac stem cell extract, vitamins C and E, glutathione and ergothioneine. Its unique ingredients prevent, reverse and repair cellular oxidation for unmatched protection against external offenders.

Another long-time favorite, rejuvenating serum has a new, superior base and delivery system, giving it a slightly different color and aroma. Re-engineered with grape stem cell extract and niacinamide, the cellular proliferation properties of this outstanding epidermal growth factor product are greatly enhanced. These exciting additions to the PCA SKIN daily care line share the best in science to consistently deliver healthy, beautiful skin for all of
your patients.

To learn more about C-Quench antioxidant serum and rejuvenating serum, please contact one of our highly trained practice consultants at 877.PCA.SKIN (722.7546).

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