Step 1: Format Excel File
To prepare your Excel file for import, please make sure that the columns from left to right are in the following order.
Col A CustomerNumber
Col B CompanyName
Col C FirstName
Col D LastName
Col E Title
Col F Address1
Col G Address2
Col H City
Col I State
Col J Zip
Col K Phone
Col L Fax
Col M CustomerTypeInitials

Step 2: Save as CSV
If your file is not already in CSV format, you must first save your Excel file as a CSV file.
  (1) Go to "Save As" in the save options.
  (2) Under "Save as type" select "CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)"

Step 3: Import File
Does the file contain a header row (that is, the title of each column)?  yes     no

File to Import