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PCA SKIN July Promo

The original formulas of bpo 5% cleanser and acne cream are great; we’ve made them even better. The addition of gluconolactone, a strong anti-inflammatory, significantly decreases acne by reducing the number of breakouts while maintaining the gentleness that acne patients require. Micronized liquid benzoyl peroxide delivers oxygen to kill the p.acnes bacteria on contact. Whether you already carry these products in your practice or are looking for a new weapon in your acne fighting arsenal, the improved formulations of bpo 5% cleanser and acne cream will help your patients achieve healthy, beautiful skin.


Effective July 1, 2010, the price for these newly reformulated products will be:

bpo 5% cleanser
7 oz.
1 oz.
acne cream
.5 oz
.25 oz
Call a member of our highly trained Practice Development Group to learn more about these new reformulations and to place your order for the July promotion.

pcaskin.com | 877.PCA.SKIN (722.7546)




This promotion is only offered to PCA SKIN customers and Certified Professionals.

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