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Download the following zip files to your USB drive and follow the instructions below.

Instructions for downloading PowerPoint presentations

Right click on the PowerPoint you'd like to download and select "Save Target As..."

2. A dialogue box will pop up asking where you'd like to save the file.  Choose the location of your chose and click "Save" button.

Instructions for downloading images

Right click on the seminar you'd like to download and select "Save Target As..."

2. Select your USB device as the "Save in" location and click on the Save button

3. Wait for the file to completely download

4 - 5. Once the file is downloaded, click on the "Start" button and go to "My Computer"

6. Once "My Computer" is open, double click on your USB device to open it.

7. You will notice the Zip file you just downloaded in on your USB device. 
RRight click on this file and select "Explore" from the options that appear.

8. In the right area of the window that opens is the folder containing your seminar images.br /> RRight click on this folder and select "Copy"

9. You will need to return to your USB device and paste this folder.br /> To paste the folder you copied, either right click next to (not on) the zip file
you just downloaded and select "Paste" or go to the "Edit" menu (not shown)
aaand select "Paste" from the options that appear in that menu.

10. Wait for the file to complete downloading...

11. After your folder has copied over to your USB device, right click on the Zip filebr /> and select "Delete" to remove it from your USB device.  Your seminar imagesbr /> are now ready for you to use!